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As an F&G intern, you will gain real-world experience, learn new skills, collaborate with talented team members and be empowered to take initiative and ownership over your work. We value the perspective, ideas and input you bring to the table, and our paid internships enable you to contribute meaningfully to dynamic projects that can leave a lasting impact.

We offer a range of internship opportunities companywide so you can explore a field that complements your major and career interests.

In Summer 2023, we worked with:

interns from
colleges across

Departments include:

  • Accounting
  • Agency Services
  • Corporate Actuarial
  • Corporate Communications
  • Financial Planning & Analysis, Capital, Treasury
  • Financial Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Audit
  • Investment Accounting
  • Marketing
  • And more!

What F&G Interns are Saying

The full intern cohort dressed in business attire
Everyone in the team was very welcoming, and ready to answer any questions I might have! My role has been very clear and I had an internship plan in the beginning which gave me structure on what my summer will look like.
The internship program has exposed me to improving hard and soft skills alike. Not only has it helped enhance my skills, but it also has given me an opportunity to network with fellow interns as well as other employees in the company.
Interns wearing F&G branded purple shirts and holding a banner that says #rockinthehairnet
The interns sit at desks talking with one another
I have only positive feedback to give. Weekly 1-on-1s are valuable in terms of direction. Not only that, but I was given a list of objectives for my internship on Day 1, so I have never been in the dark. Whenever I ask for more work to be given to me, I always am met with a project to be completed. F&G, specifically Talent Development, has been a great learning environment for me.

What You'll Gain at F&G

Professional Development

Build knowledge and skills that transfer to your F&G internship and beyond through your daily projects and participation in engaging workshops led by F&G subject matter experts.

Intern Cohort

As an F&G intern, you'll be part of our intern cohort, meaning you'll have a network of support that not only includes your team and leader, but also your fellow interns.

Social Events

You'll have opportunities during your internship to get to know your cohort outside of work and build connections that could last your entire career.


Meet with and learn from our employees and executive leadership team, including our President & CEO Chris Blunt, during your time at F&G.

Our Mission

We help people turn their aspirations into reality.

Our Vision

Every day we will strive to improve the financial lives of more and more people, backed by the passion of our team and grounded in a culture of mutual respect.

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