What is an annuity?

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An annuity is a long-term retirement planning tool that can be a cornerstone of your financial plan. It can help you protect and grow your retirement nest egg, or you can turn it into guaranteed lifetime income.


You pay a premium (think of it as your principal) to F&G.


In exchange for your premium, F&G provides an annuity contract that outlines the benefits and guarantees you receive and our promise to look after your money.


Your financial professional will help you select the policy that best meets your needs.

JD Power Award

Ranked in customer satisfaction

F&G is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among annuity providers by J.D. Power, a global leader in customer insights, advisory services and data and analytics.

Policyholders rated us first among competitors in five categories, including product offerings, interaction, statements, price and communication.

For J.D. Power 2023 award information, visit jdpower.com/awards.

What needs do you have?

Do you want to grow your retirement nest egg? Are you approaching retirement and want to turn your savings into income? A combination of both?

We offer a number of products that can provide downside protection, growth potential or guaranteed income for life.

Let's explore which F&G annuity solutions can meet your needs.

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