Changing your contracting status

Transfer policies

We require you to send us a letter with all relevant change information to transfer policies, and servicing of policies, to an agent already with an F&G agreement.

We ask that you mail requests to:
F&G Agency Services - Commissions
801 Grand Ave., Suite 2600
Des Moines, IA 50309

Releasing agents

We handle requests to transfer an agent from one hierarchy (network) to another using the following guidelines:

  • checkmarkAppointment date is greater than 6 months; and
  • checkmarkBusiness not submitted within the past 6 months
We will complete a Vector check on all hierarchy change requests to ensure the agent is in good standing within the industry. If we determine there is an outstanding Vector we require proof the agent has worked out a payment plan with the carrier noted. We reserve the right to terminate the agent’s F&G appointment if Vector is not resolved, and will provide 30 days' notice. Agents must pay the outstanding F&G agent debit balance in full before any transfer/hierarchy change.

We require agents/agencies with an outstanding debt to pay the balance in full before we consider a hierarchy release. We may consider offsetting and reducing the agent debt if they submit new business within the first 30 days.

The agent must obtain an unconditional release from their current independent marketing organization (IMO), if they have never produced business, to receive up to street level compensation. We will have to approve any request for an above street level contract.

Agents requesting termination are eligible for rehire from their previous IMO if they provide an adequate production commitment.

We will send a confirmation notice of any release to the agent and the IMO.

View the required Agent Transfer Request for additional provisional information.