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A lot of factors come into play when helping your clients plan for retirement. With F&G, you can rely on a financially strong company, relationships built through collaboration, ease of doing business and a thorough customer service team. As our financial strength ratings go up and our rates remain competitive, F&G is well-positioned for continued growth.

Are you eager to do business with F&G and get to know our products? Take a look below to learn how you can work with us.

Independent agents

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Since 1959, F&G has been a strong proponent of the independent agent model. We're represented by over 250 independent marketing organizations (IMOs) and a vast network of financial and insurance professionals across the United States.

If you would like to become an F&G financial and professional, please review the getting contracted process below.

Provide identification and proof of requirements

You will need to complete eight core documents so we can begin to accept your business and process your commissions:

  • The Producer Agency Form
  • EFT ACH authorization
  • W9 – IRS tax identification
  • Copy of your current resident insurance license
  • Copy of continuing education (CE) certifications for states that require prior to solicitation
  • Copy of annuity suitability CE certification
  • Copy of current Errors and Omission coverage
  • Copy of your Anti-Money Laundering training certification

Producers and agencies may obtain the contracting forms needed from the sections below, an IMO, managing general agency or one of our field representatives. Finance and insurance professional appointment packages must be signed and submitted by your up-line and/or master general producer (MGA). Questions? Contact Agency Services.

Contract with F&G

The Producer Agency Form must be completed by all individuals, principals, agencies and/or corporations who wish to be contracted. The top section of the form should be completed by the appointing agency and/or IMO so we can accurately capture your organization hierarchy (Find an IMO). The person or entity applying for the contract should fill out the middle section called Producer/Agency Information.

Please note that by signing the Producer Agency Form, you are certifying that all of the information provided on the form is true and correct. In addition, you acknowledge that you have received, read and will comply with the company’s:

The bottom section of page 1 of the Producer Agency Form is to be completed and dated by the appointing agency. The name of the agency, agency contract code, approved compensation level and signature of the immediate up-line is required.

Authorization to run producer/principal background review on page 2 of the Producer Agency Form is to be read and signed by the producer/principal of the entity being contracted. According to state regulations and our internal Market Conduct Guide, we are required to run background reports. We also complete a Vector One debit check balance inquiry, which identifies any outstanding debt with other insurance carriers. Questions? Contact Agency Services.

Commission payments

To pay commissions, we need a completed Form W-9 for tax purposes. We also need a signed Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) authorization and a voided check to send commissions to your bank account. Agents who receive payments via EFT can also be set up to receive a daily pay frequency. Questions? Contact Agency Services.

Complete mandatory training and licensing requirements

We require copies of the following five items to complete the contracting process:

  • Current resident license
  • Continuing education (CE) certifications for states that require prior to solicitation
  • Annuity suitability CE certification
  • Errors and Omission coverage
  • Anti-Money Laundering training certification

F&G pays full cost of your appointment and renewal for producers who actively submit business. Please be aware that many states have unique requirements that you must fulfill:

  • Pre-solicitation restrictions—States have guidelines on whether or not an agent can solicit business prior to appointment date. States that have restrictions are designated as “sensitive states."
  • Errors and Omission coverage requirements—Some states require agents to obtain Errors and Omission coverage and we will require proof of insurance.
  • Override license requirements—Non-resident licensing may be required for any overrides.
  • Continuing education mandates—We cannot process business in certain states until we have received your current Continuing Education Certificate.

Training support:

For additional information on CE requirements, please visit our training page in SalesLink.

Annuity suitability certifications

F&G will not process annuity agent appointments or accept new business until we have received the current Annuity Suitability Certification. Training can also be done online on our website via SuccessCE. A list of states and their annuity and suitability requirements can be found on our website. Any business received prior to the completion of the required courses will be returned. For additional information on Annuity Suitability Certification, please visit our training page.

Anti-Money Laundering training

Federal regulations require that you provide proof of completion of Anti-Money Laundering training. Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company and Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company of New York have partnered with LIMRA and SuccessCE to make these courses available online. Once registered, be sure to fully complete each training course. Certifications can be submitted by:

Fax: 410.895.0129


F&G Life Insurance Company
801 Grand Ave.
Suite 2600
Des Moines, IA 50309

Questions? Contact Agency Services.

How to speed up the process

Each state handles the appointment process differently so our turnaround times for appointment can vary. For a better sense of how your state operates, please review our Appointing Agents State Specific Requirements and Turnaround Time document for details. You will also find the approximate turnaround times for states to receive the appointment paperwork, process it and send confirmation back to Fidelity & Guaranty Life in the document mentioned above. To make the process go as quickly as possible, make sure all forms are completed, the information is legible and all parties have signed the forms. Questions? Contact Agency Services.

What happens next?

Once we have received all of your fully completed, signed forms, and have conducted the mandatory background checks, we will set you up in our system. You will receive a welcome letter that contains your agent number, a PIN and login instructions for our agent website, SalesLink. Questions? Contact Agency Services.

Ethics, compliance and business responsibilities

F&G considers ethics and compliance integral to the way we do business. To complete the contracting process, you signed an acknowledgment that you read and agreed to abide by three core documents:

As a company, we are committed to treating our customers fairly and ethically. The Code of Ethical Conduct makes that commitment by the Company and its employees. We expect our producers — the individuals and firms authorized to sell and distribute our insurance products — to share this commitment. The Market Conduct Guide provides a framework for meeting regulatory responsibilities. Because of the complexity and frequent changes in regulation it is sometimes only a summary and does not provide definitive guidance. The Insurance Producer Agreement contains important terms and agreements regarding your business relationship with the company. Questions? Contact Agency Services.

Bank and broker/dealer financial professionals

Get appointed

If you would like to get appointed with F&G, please contact your home office/back office for details.